Friday, July 29, 2011

Ice Cream Pint Holder

This tutorial is near and dear to my heart because I've had it on my to do list for some time and never got a chance to do it. I love eating ice cream straight out of the pint like I said on my favorite things post. I never eat it all at once and I hate when it starts to melt from holding it and when I refreeze it the outside tastes a little different. This nifty little cozy not only helps keep your ice cream cold, but it keeps your hands nice and warm too (finger-cicles are never a good thing) and it even has a pocket for your spoon and can hang on the fridge so you always have it on hand.
Disclaimer: I am a newbie at sewing, and I'm known for making things a lot harder than it needs to be, this is the way that I did it, although there may be an easier way, if you know one, please leave a comment and share.
Here Goes!!

Outside Print Fabric (or large scrap) I had a quarter yard'
Inside Fabric
Coordinating Thread
Empty Ice Cream Pint. If you don't have one, go buy two. Eat one now, Save one to reward yourself when your done.
Round magnets, I got mine from Joann's. They are super heavy duty 18x3mm
Rotary cutter, mat, and ruler. (or good coordination with a regular ruler if you don't have one)
Paper scissors, and fabric scissors
permanent marker
box cutter, or exacto knife
paper (2 sheets)

1. Take permanent marker and mark line where top is on container.

2.Use box cutter or exacto knife to cut along that line, the side seam and the bottom circle

3. Now use your flattened as a pattern and trace on paper. Tape two sheets of paper together so you have enough space to add the inseam. For the top and bottom add a 1/2 inch. on the sides add 1 inch.
I dont have a picture of this because I did it a while ago, but I used my ruler and added small points from the line to where the new line will be, and then played connect the dots all the way around.

4. Cut out your new paper pattern. Then use this pattern to pin and cut out fabric and insul-brite.

5. Next use your rotary cutter ( or ruler if you dont have one) and cut out a rectangle on a folded edge of your outer fabric. The fold should be at the top, and your rectangle should measure 3in wide by 3 1/2in long.

6. The Small rectangle you just cut will be your spoon pocket. To form the pocket, fold under about a half inch on each side, and press to stay

7. Top stitch the top of your pocket (with flaps still folded under). I used this special foot that came with my machine as a guide (if you know what its called, leave a comment to tell me please). I lined up the small size on the right with the top of my pocket.(the fold). Sorry about the bad picture, it was hard to take a good one.

8. Pin the pocket to the middle of the outside fabric. To find the center I gently folded and creased and lined up creases. You could just eyeball it, but i'm not that skilled.

9. Next, sew down pocket using the same method as the top stitch that you just made. Start stitching where the top stitch is. Hint: for the left side, start at the bottom so you can still use the foot as your guide .

10. Cut a square of scrap fabric larger than your magnet, I didnt initally measure but mine came to about 1 1/2 inch but whatever works for your size magnet. This is going to be stitched to the left side of your insul-brite to hold down your magnet. Again I used the smaller presser foot and pivoted the corners. After I did 3 sides, I slid in the magnet, and finished stitching the last side to close. This is a little tricky because when doing the last side, the magnet sticks to your throat plate.

11. Now you can stack and pin your fabric layers in this order.
Insul-Brite, With magnet facing down
Outside fabric, With pocket facing up
Inside fabric, right side down

12. Sew the top and bottom sides down using a 1/2 inch inseam. don't forget to back stitch at the beginning and end of each side. I also switched my presser foot back to the normal one for this.

13. Now you have a tube. turn it to the right side and press down so that it is nice and flat and even. Now you can top stitch the top and the bottom using the same foot as when you made the pocket. Leave about a half inch on each side that is not top stitched. (start 1/2in. in, stop with 1/2in left)

14. Take the side without the magnet next to it and turn in the fabric about a half inch to hide raw edges. Press to stay. To reduce bulk, I cut a small piece of the insul-brite out on that side. you can also do a small piece on the other side to.

15. Slide the end with the magnet in that opening about a half inch in. Pin down. Start sewing from the bottom. This is a little tricky. Be careful not to sew both sides together, because ripping seams is no fun, trust me. I tried to get a pic as i was doing this but I was having trouble at first and forgot. but here is the sewn line

16. This last step is not a must do, but I did it anywy. Go over the top stitching at the top and bottom over the seam you just made to reinforce. Mine was a little uneven at the top, and the back was a little loopy because i had to feed it through myself.

Now pat yourself on the back and take that second pint and reward yourself for a job well done.

If you dont want to eat it now, flatten it, and place it on your fridge so its ready when you need it.

Since this was created and written by me and things in my head may not make sence to other people. If you are confused by anything feel free to leave a comment and ask and I will clear it up to the best of my ability.

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Jamie said...

What a great idea. and I love that it is magnetic. More the Merrier Monday will be open until Wednesday at midnight. I would love for you to stop by and link up your ice cream cozi. said...

what a unique idea - I will have to try it! Saw you on More the Merrier Monday!

Helen said...

Well, This are just All Coming my way. Last week I started making Ice Cream (I know a little late after all the heat). So I guess we will need to eat some store bought to fill with homemade!!!! I feel the pounds coming on. I plan on posting the ice cream--eventually at my blog. I joined yor site so I can see what more you will post. Thanks Helen!

Coffee Fueled Mama said...

This is the best. idea. EVER!!!! So excited to make this one...I may have to go buy some fleece to make it extra snuggly. Thanks!


Susie Q said...

How adorable! Maybe I need one so that when I eat the entire pint ofBlue Bell, no fingercicles.

Debbie said...

OMG!!! The best idea ever!!! Hubby has finally ventured out and is trying to ice cream flavors so this is perfect...hum...think I'll go have some ice cream now =)

Elizabeth said...

When you add space to the pattern do you add half an inch to the top and bottom or half an inch total? Same regarding the sides.

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