Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Valspar Sample

Thursday was a good day for me, not only did my birthday present from the hubs come in the mail( a book, I will post about that later) my free Valspar paint sample came in. If you missed me post about crafting freebies, see it here. When I got the box in the mail I was so excited, This is all that it came with
The sample, mini paint tray and rollers, a chip of the color, an envelope of coordinating colors and a $5 off coupon for a gallon of paint.

Then I opened the can, it was the wrong color. All my inial excitement went out the window. I ordered a pink, and the sample that I received was yellow, a very pretty yellow though.
I called the Valspar customer service number that was on the back of the coordinating colors envelope. The customer service rep was very nice and took all of my info and said she would get the right color to me very soon. That was it. Although I received a color other than the one I ordered, I saw it as a plus. Now I get two free samples and both of the colors coordinate nicely together so I think i might use them together in a project. Maybe something for my little princess, who knows.
The only downside was that I took pix and pix of the tutorial I was workinng on and the SD card I was using stoped working when I put it in the computer and I lost ALL my pictures. That is also why this post was not posted on thursday as planned.

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