Sunday, May 1, 2011

Super Hero To The Rescue!

For my birthday the hubs got me the book Generation T: Beyond Fashion. As I was looking through it for the first time and got to the “kid rock” chapter with all the stuff for kids we came across a super hero cape, my son immediately goes I WANT THAT. Since he was being good that day, I went ahead and made it for him as my first project from the book. Who would have thought that  one big cut in an old t shirt would bring hours of entertainment. I wanted to embellish it some and sew on a big letter N for his name but I didn’t get the chance to. As soon as I held it up he was so excited and wanted to put it on and play with it. He pretended he was a wonder pet and ran around to go save the animals in trouble. I don’t know how boxing and super heroes go together, but in the mind of a toddler, who knows.

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