Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cutie Pie Flower Headband

 Another project from Generation T. I love this book! Since I previously made something for my little guy, I thought it was only fair that my next project be something for my little princess. Project number 29 called “Flur-de-tee” is now one of my favorite things. It’s the most simple little flower applique ever. Cut a circle, hand sew around the edge, pull together, and sew in place. I used a 2 and 3 inch circle and layered them together. For the headband I used a scrap from yesterday’s project that was already the perfect size for her little head, sewed it together and attached the flower to the sewn edge to hide the seam. This all took under 10 minutes total, would have probably been less, but cutting perfectly is a little tricky with a little toddler in the room who wants to check out all the new stuff.

Oh, and I hate to state the obvious, but doesn’t she just look so precious sleeping totally unaware of her of her new accessory I put on her while she was asleep. hehe

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