Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wine Bottle Cozy for Grads

Recently my cousin graduated from college and although it wasn’t to her, it was a big deal to me so I wanted to give her something nice, and hand made. Looking into my trusty little book, Generation T, I made this little number called “stocked up” which is project number 32 in the book. Since the outer shirt I used was a summer tube top that was pretty thin, and I figured a glass bottle needs a little more support, I made an inside layer with a yellow polo, which also added a little more color. Add a bottle of Wild Vines blackberry merlot, and Voila! A great, handmade gift fit for any occasion. Then after looking at it for a day, I thought it looked too plain to give just like that so I made a “Congrats” tag out of a two toned index card and letter punches, added some curling ribbon, and then it was complete.

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