Friday, March 25, 2011

The way to a crafty girl’s heart

Earlier this week my wonderful husband says he has a surprise for me, and then he comes home with a sewing machine! I was excited to say the least. Most men bring their wives roses, mine brings a sewing machine. I now KNOW I married the right man.
I’ve wanted a sewing machine ever since my junior year in high school when I made my first quilt in girl scouts, and now that I finally have one my biggest decision is what project to start first. Since I have been working on my portfolio of designs for Lucky Star Creations I have written tons of ideas in my notebook, many of which I could not work on because it involved sewing and the thought of hand sewing larger items makes me tired before I even start. Now that I have one, between my almost 3 year old and my two month old I just need to find the time to sit down and enjoy crafting bliss! I did have time to make a little green bow hair clip when the little one was taking a nap and my son was having daddy time. I thought about taking a picture but I noticed it was a tad bit off centered and the perfectionist in me wouldn’t let me do it.