Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Flossed Out Earbuds

For Valentine's day this year my hubby was the greatest and I got an iPhone. YAY! I Instantly wanted to try two things that I saw on pinterest. First being embroidery floss/yarn wrapped headphones. The second was scrapbook paper inserts for a clear iPhone case.
pic taken with my phone, sorry about quality

I used the tute found here, but used embroidery thread that I already had instead of sock weight yarn. I really liked how it turned out, and I love that there are no more tangles, I HATE reaching in my purse for headphones that are imposable to untangle.

When I got to the button part I knotted above, then one below, then one above it again to have floss on all sides. I suggest buying the craft floss that does not split for this because I have an issue with splitting here

When I got to the split I just went back up the other way, and then for the bottom half started a new floss. It took about two spools of floss and came out pretty good.

I think the only thing I would have done again would be to have some self patterning floss for a bit of color change.

I also did the scrapbook paper thing but I'll post later on that when I have a pic to show you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baby's 1st Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated Nana's first birthday. Boy does time fly! It seems just like yesterday I was bringing this teeny little creature home from the hospital. Now she's into everything chasing around her big brother.

I had originally pinned tons of fun little ideas with a pink cupcake theme, but reality set in and we did something very simple but I think it turned out really beautiful and I was so happy with the results.

This banner was done with simple paper plates and letters cut out of card stock. So simple yet pretty. (I did not notice that this was crooked until looking at this picture, maybe no one else did either).
The tissue paper pom poms were made using a Martha Stewart tutorial found here. I strung them to the ceiling with yarn from my stash and command hooks. I had everything on hand so I thought it would save on balloons.
 Close up of pom pom

Cupcake tower was from Michael's (wrapped in pink tulle), amazingly cute with pink polka dot cupcake wrappers. That was her little party hat I made to go with the rest of her outfit. If you look in the back at her highchair that matches too. It originally was a brown and teal, which nice, was an eyesore with the decor, so  safety pinned some extra fabric to the front and it matched.
Look at her! Tutu was made by me using the satin wrap tutorial found here. On this page she also has a few links on how to make the tutu itself. I Made her onesie applique using some fabric and Heat N Bond ultra hold. Cupcake clip art is from here. The number one and flame was using a regular font and a shape in Microsoft word. Here are some close up shots

Hat was made using a cereal box and a template found here. I added an inch to the bottom to make it a little taller, covered in fabric, added ribbon trim to hide seam, hot glued a tulle pom pom to the top. After I hot glued it to the headband, I also hot glued a felt circle to secure it on.
 Here she is with the hat on her head. It was a rare picture. She liked it, but only for short periods at a time.
In the end, it was a great day and I think she had fun. She was wore out by the time everyone left and slept good that night.

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