Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cutie Pie Flower Headband

 Another project from Generation T. I love this book! Since I previously made something for my little guy, I thought it was only fair that my next project be something for my little princess. Project number 29 called “Flur-de-tee” is now one of my favorite things. It’s the most simple little flower applique ever. Cut a circle, hand sew around the edge, pull together, and sew in place. I used a 2 and 3 inch circle and layered them together. For the headband I used a scrap from yesterday’s project that was already the perfect size for her little head, sewed it together and attached the flower to the sewn edge to hide the seam. This all took under 10 minutes total, would have probably been less, but cutting perfectly is a little tricky with a little toddler in the room who wants to check out all the new stuff.

Oh, and I hate to state the obvious, but doesn’t she just look so precious sleeping totally unaware of her of her new accessory I put on her while she was asleep. hehe

Monday, May 2, 2011

Laptop Case

Today I finished my first real sewing project and I’m highly excited about it. It is project number 37 “major sleevage”, from the book Generation T: Beyond Fashion (check out my review here). This is the first thing that I have sewn in years, and the first thing I’ve actually had a chance to sew on my sewing machine. It was a pretty easy pattern and in general didn’t take that long to complete. The hard part was rotary cutting. I came to the conclusion that I need to take a class on rotary cutting because for some reason it just wasn’t one of those easy peasy, common sense kind of things I thought it would be. I think the problem for me was the knit fabric. The only other time I’ve sewn anything or used a rotary cutter was a quilt I made in high school which of course used regular quilting fabric. Other than that everything went ok and it felt absolutely amazing to have a project completed and to get to sit back and look at it finished, I haven’t had the chance to do that in forever. I didn’t follow the instructions exact; it called for putting a strip on the front flap to tie around to close it. Instead a put a cute glittery button, I thought it looked nicer that way.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Super Hero To The Rescue!

For my birthday the hubs got me the book Generation T: Beyond Fashion. As I was looking through it for the first time and got to the “kid rock” chapter with all the stuff for kids we came across a super hero cape, my son immediately goes I WANT THAT. Since he was being good that day, I went ahead and made it for him as my first project from the book. Who would have thought that  one big cut in an old t shirt would bring hours of entertainment. I wanted to embellish it some and sew on a big letter N for his name but I didn’t get the chance to. As soon as I held it up he was so excited and wanted to put it on and play with it. He pretended he was a wonder pet and ran around to go save the animals in trouble. I don’t know how boxing and super heroes go together, but in the mind of a toddler, who knows.