Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sparkle Clutch

I follow some really awesome blogs but its nice that I have a couple from people I actually know. Stephanie is someone I went to high school with and is an amazing photographer. Seriously, I would really like to do a family / couple session with her, she has a good eye. She also has a blog called My Sketchbook where she features her wonderful work. Recently she posted about this adorable sparkle clutch that she made. Isn't it darling?

The best thing about it is, she offers a well illustrated tutorial so you can make your own! So what are you waiting for? You know you want to make one so get the tute here. Oh, and while you are there, check out the rest of her blog and follow it because I'm sure there are more great and creative things to come. You don't want to miss out.

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