Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Flossed Out Earbuds

For Valentine's day this year my hubby was the greatest and I got an iPhone. YAY! I Instantly wanted to try two things that I saw on pinterest. First being embroidery floss/yarn wrapped headphones. The second was scrapbook paper inserts for a clear iPhone case.
pic taken with my phone, sorry about quality

I used the tute found here, but used embroidery thread that I already had instead of sock weight yarn. I really liked how it turned out, and I love that there are no more tangles, I HATE reaching in my purse for headphones that are imposable to untangle.

When I got to the button part I knotted above, then one below, then one above it again to have floss on all sides. I suggest buying the craft floss that does not split for this because I have an issue with splitting here

When I got to the split I just went back up the other way, and then for the bottom half started a new floss. It took about two spools of floss and came out pretty good.

I think the only thing I would have done again would be to have some self patterning floss for a bit of color change.

I also did the scrapbook paper thing but I'll post later on that when I have a pic to show you.


Sara Stoff said...

They look great! Love the pink.

Unknown said...

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